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Elevate Admission Criteria

  1. Essay: 250-500 pages, written in the computer lab with the Elevate staff on the first 2 days of the program (Sept 1-2). For anyone coming late, they will be required to submit the essay prior to admittance. Essay questions will be as follows:
    1. If admitted to ELEVATE, what would you hope to gain for yourself and give back to the community?
    2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    3. What college(s) are you interested in?
    4. What career / field interests you?
  2. Transcript: Obtained from school by 2nd week of program (Sept 9) and Megan needs to see this for baseline.

Admitting 30 students, but if/when there are more

Consolation Prize for students who do not get accepted, if our interest exceeds our openings: Free resources for ACT prep, invitations to free workshops, they can take practice test, and Megan offered 2hr free open tutoring session after school.


  1. 3-strike rule on unexcused absence (no-show / no-call) – you have 24 hrs after a missed day
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